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#1 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = National Community Church

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church situated in the Washington, DC area. The vision of the church is to meet in movie theaters in the subway stops throughout the Washington DC area. Weekly sermons are also available online for audio and video podcasts and on-demand Internet transmissions.


History of National Community Church

The national community church held its first Sunday service on January 7, 1996. During the first nine months of 1996, the average attendance in Sunday services was between 20-25 people. At that time, all meetings were at Geddings School (now Gym Results) in southeast Washington, DC

On November 17, 1996, NCC held its first service at AMC theaters in Union Station, located four blocks from the United States Capital. About 100,000 people pass through the station every day. One of the central values ​​of NCC is making the church in the middle of the market. ( Theaters are currently owned by Phoenix Theaters ).

In October 1998, NCC launched its first small group. In the fall of 2007, the number of small groups is higher than 70. The goal of the church is for a small group that is within ten minutes of any point within the Capital Beltway.

On August 12, 2001, the National Community Church was featured on the front page of the Washington Post. After the publication of the article, the average attendance more than doubled.

NCC launched its second location at the Regal Entertainment Group Theaters at Ballston Common Mall, in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC, on September 21, 2003.


In 2002, the NCC purchased the property located one block from the Union Station off Place Station. One of the largest office buildings in Washington, DC and at the headquarters of the United States Securities Commission. In March 2006, after months of tedious renovation, NCC opened Ebenezer, a multi-purpose building, and cafeteria.

Church offices are located on the top floor, while the lower level houses a meeting room used as a third place for religious services on Saturday nights. As well as discipleship meetings and additional seating for coffee patrons. In July 2008, Ebenezer has named the best coffee in the Washington, DC Metro Area of AOL city guide.

The church launched a fourth location in November 2007 at the Theaters of Loews Cinemas in Georgetown, a community located along the Potomac River in the northwest quadrant of Washington. Theaters are located on K Street within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

As well frequented along Wisconsin Avenue and M Street and the campuses of Georgetown University and George Washington University.

NCC has been featured in several news articles on television and in newspapers. Such as the New York Times on August 29, 2005, in an article titled, “Lost Church, Do not Worry, Download It on the iPod.”

The National Community Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God and the Willow Creek Association.

#2 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = Network Control Center

The Network Control Center (NCC ) or Network Operations Center, is one or more sites from which the control of computer networks, television transmission or telecommunications such as satellite and fiber optic links is carried out.

The term network control center, Network Control Center (NCC), implies that a control functionality is exercised with this device. However, the term is used more extensively, including for Network Management Centers (NMC) or Network Operations Centers (NOC).

Generally, data networks require a control device independent of the network components for smooth operation: a network control center. The task of the Network Control Center is to ensure the availability of network components and network connections.

In the event of a network component failure or an overload, the network control center provides a quick backup or reconfiguration of the network. The range of equipment ranges from simple interface testers to intelligent monitor systems and hardware monitors.

To complex network management systems that integrate statistics, monitoring, alarm and reconfiguration functions.

As organizations grow, they can operate more than one NCC. Either to segment the control and monitoring of the networks depending on the different technologies that coexist (typical example: cellular networks and SDH transmission networks ) or to provide geographic redundancy.

#3 Full Form of NCC

Functions of Network Control Center

The Network Control Center is responsible for monitoring networks based on alarms or conditions that require special attention to avoid an impact on network performance and service to end customers.

For example, in a telecommunications environment, the NCC is responsible for monitoring power failures, alarms in transport networks and other aspects of performance that would affect the network. The NCC will analyze the problem, carry out troubleshooting, dispatch field staff as well as follow up on their resolution.

If necessary, the NCC will also scale up appropriate personnel so that it is resolved at the appropriate time. In some cases, it is almost impossible to anticipate severe conditions such as power failures or fiber optic routing cuts. But the NCC has procedures to immediately involve specialized personnel to solve the problem.

The NCC escalates in a hierarchical way, for example, if an event is not resolved in a specific period of time. The next level is informed to help accelerate the resolution process.

The Network Control Centers have multiple levels that define how experienced an NCC specialist is. For example, a newly hired NCC specialist can be considered Level 1.

While a specialist who has been there for many years can be considered Level 3 or Level 4. In this way, some problems are escalated within the NCC before a field specialist or engineer from other networks is contacted.

#4 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = National Chicken Council

Chicken Council National (the NCC) – a non-profit trade association based in Washington, DC. It represents the interests of the chicken industry of the United States to the United States Congress and the United States federal agencies.

NCC members are sneaky manufacturers and processors, poultry distributors and industrial firms. Sneak producers and processors in the NCC account for approximately 95 percent of chickens produced in the United States.

Issues important to the council include biosafety in the poultry and bird flu industry. The Council sponsors EatChicken.com, a website that provides chicken recipes, cooking tips, and food safety information.

The National Chicken Council trusts that the following principles are vital to ensure that cell culture meat products are marketed in a safe and properly labeled manner for consumers:

  • The Food Inspection and Safety Service of the US Department of Agriculture. Must regulate the labeling and safety of these products;
  • It is not appropriate to refer to these products using terms such as “clean meat”, nor should these products be named or described so as to mention conventional animal proteins;
  • These products must be named or labeled in a way that clearly reveals the process by which they were made;
  • Claims that these products are superior to conventional animal proteins should be prohibited unless such claim is supported by scientific evidence.

#5 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = National Computer Corporation

National Computer Corporation ( NCC ) – one of the largest companies in the Russian market of information technologies. According to the rating of the magazine, CNews as of 2014 ranked first in terms of turnover among IT companies with a score of 136.2 billion rubles.

The holding group unites Systematika Group of Companies, OCS, Aquarius, and YADRO under one brand. According to the magazine “Kommersant Money” and other rating agencies, NCC is the largest IT holding of the Russian market in terms of the business scale.

NCC headquarters is located in Moscow. The total number of staff at the end of 2015 is 3804. As of 2016, the NCC President is Alexander Kalinin.

Holding history and structure of National Computer Corporation

National Computer Corporation, the largest domestic IT holding, was formed in May 2003 by uniting four players of the domestic information technology market. The production group Aquarius, the integrator company AND Project, the project distributor Landata and the wide profile distributor OCS.

In 2005, the consulting division was separated from Aquarius and transformed into Systematica. In 2007, a group of companies Systematica (GKS) was formed on the basis of Systematica, Tops BI and the IDA companies. In 2008, the distribution company Landata and Ensis Technologies joined the Group of Companies Systematika.

In 2011, Systematika Group of Companies acquired Sayner, one of the key SAP integrators in the Russian energy industry. In 2012, Systematika Group of Companies merges with Step Logic. Since 2013, the AND Project and TopS BI companies have been merged under the TOPS Consulting brand. As of 2016, the National Computer Corporation includes 16 companies.

Systematika Group of Companies comprising Landata, Lanmax, Trusted Environment, PCT-Invent, Sayner, Systematics, Systematic Consulting, STEP LOGIC, TOPS Consulting, TopS BI, Head Point, and “Ensys Technologies”.

Representative offices and offices of the NCC are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kaluga. Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Perm, Pyatigorsk, Rostov -on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Stavropol. Tambov, Tyumen, Ulan-Ude, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk Shuya, Yaroslavl and in cities of the CIS countries (Yerevan, Alma-Ata).

Main Activities 

  • Production of computer equipment under the brand Aquarius
  • Industrial integration and service of own equipment and third-party equipment
  • Distribution of computer equipment, telecom equipment, infrastructure software, computer components, home appliances
  • System integration and infrastructure solutions
  • Management and IT Consulting
  • Development, implementation, and support of federal and regional automated government systems, corporate portals, integration platforms
  • Automation of management processes, incl. implementation of ERP systems, production planning, and production management systems, maintenance and repair management systems
  • Development, implementation, and support of federal and regional automated government systems, corporate portals, integration platforms
  • Custom Programming
  • IT outsourcing
  • Promatomatics
  • RFID integration
  • Implementation of proprietary software solutions
  • Federal corporate supplies
  • Development and production of innovative infrastructure products based on Open POWER

#6 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = National Council of Churches

Since its founding in 1950, the National Council of Churches of the United States has been at the forefront of the ecumenical dialogue among the Christian denominations of the United States. Among the members of the NCC, there are widely represented Protestants, Anglicans, Orthodox, Evangelical Christians (Baptists), African-American denominations. And others – only about 45 million people in more than 100 thousand congregations and communities.

About 300 representatives of churches participating in the NCC of the USA annually gather for the General Assembly, the highest governing body of the National Council of Churches. Several times a year, if necessary, the Board of the NCC, conducting the leadership on behalf of the General Assembly, meets at its meetings.

Commission NCC

By working together in the NCC, the Commissions implement a wide range of ministries. In spite of the fact that the NCC was formally organized in 1950, the Council continues contacts with more than a dozen organizations with which interaction existed previously.

Most of the projects are carried out within the framework of the five main programs of the Council, including not only members of the NCC. But also denominations representing the widest spectrum of American Christianity, starting from Roman Catholics and ending with Pentecostal.

Objectives of NCC:

  • communications commission;
  • Education and Leadership Commission;
  • A commission “Faith and Order”;
  • Inter-religious Relations Commission;
  • legal and lawyer commission.

Through the activities of these ecumenical commissions, the NCC carries out its activities, publishing statements against poverty. And racism, advocating development and cooperation, in favor of preserving family values, peace, and justice in the United States, etc.

NCC helps churches through a wide range of educational programs. It also coordinates the activities of a national television network and cable television broadcasting on religious topics.

#7 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = National Capital Commission

The National Capital Commission, known more commonly in English as NCC and French as Commission of national  (CCN). It is a corporation of the Crown of Canada that administers federal lands in the Region of the National Capital Canadian, comprising the cities of Ottawa ( Ontario ) and Gatineau ( Quebec).

Its role is to defend the interests of Ottawa and its surroundings as the nation’s capital. Especially in matters of national interest (planning of monuments and museums, organization of events such as Canada Day, urban landscape refurbishment … ).

This role contrasts with that of municipal governments, which work for the benefit of their closest residents in matters. Such as maintenance of public roads, sewerage, water supply, and public transportation.

The federal government has numerous properties and employs many people in these two cities. So the NCC has a lot of influence in the area. It has been criticized at times, as it is an undemocratic organization led by a board already appointed.

This fact was highlighted in 1998 when it proposed the refurbishment of a large part of downtown Ottawa to build a ceremonial boulevard along Metcalfe Avenue.

During the last thirty years, the activities of the NCC have been denounced or condemned by certain governments of Quebec. Which considering that municipal affairs are a purely provincial jurisdiction, according to the Constitution of Canada. Others have criticized it because they consider that their planning decisions are bad or they are misguided.

The NCC also has the obligation to promote tourism in the capital, and therefore, organizes events such as Winterlude and Christmas lighting. Since 1996, it has been the only tourist information center in Ottawa, the Capital Infocentre, located just across Parliament Hill.

Among other things, it ensures that the Rideau Canal skating rink retains its longest track in the world title. It also administers official residences, such as 24 Sussex Drive and Stornoway.

It was created in 1959, replacing the Federal District Commission. It has its headquarters in the Chambers Building, located on Elgin Street (Ottawa).

#8 Full Form of NCC

Full Form of NCC = NORAD Control Center

The Command of the aerospace defense of North America ( North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD ) is an organization American – Canadian whose mission is to monitor the airspace in North America. It was established on1 st August 1957 and became effective May 12, 1958.

Since May 2006, NORAD also carries out a maritime warning mission, which requires a shared understanding of the activities conducted by both nations on maritime approaches and waterways. NORAD changes the name to March 1981.

Aerospace Surveillance or “Integrated Tactical Attack Monitoring and Evaluation” (ITW / AA) covers the control of human flying objects as well as the detection, validation and alerting of attacks against America. North by planes, missiles or space vehicles. Space control includes surveillance of the Canadian and US aerospace space. This is a defining element of missile defense.

The organization is headed by a Commander in Chief (CINC) appointed by both the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada. He is based at Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Adjacent to the former Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center which was the central collector and coordinator of the detection systems until 2008.

NORAD made a public appearance each year at Christmas when he claims to track the Father Christmas in his distribution of toys to the children of the world. This tradition dates back to 1955, following an erroneous call on the NORAD “red phone” made by a child who wanted to call Santa directly.

In December of this year, the Sears chain of stores publishes an ad in a local Colorado newspaper, proposing to call Santa at the number listed in the ad. But, due to a printing error, the number indicated is that of NORAD.

This site is mentioned in many techno-thrillers, sci-fi novels and in several movies including WarGames, and various television series. Stargate Command Headquarters in the Stargate universe is located in the Cheyenne Mountain complex. We also learn in the movie Independence Day that NORAD, home to the staff and the vice president, was destroyed by the aliens.

The NORAD name has been used in Starcraft’s real-time strategy game (one of Terran’s flagship ships is named Norad II ) and in the Earth Reborn board game. The outside of a similar base and bearing the same name appears in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories.


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