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#1 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = Network Operations Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the center that solves the current network operation tasks. The center provides round-the-clock monitoring and management of networks, reduces accident rates. Ensures high infrastructure performance, increasing the efficiency of service provision while reducing risks.


NOC is a tool that combines high network reliability and quality of services, ensuring operational efficiency and lower operating costs. NOC provides the following services:

  • Service of all types of networks.
  • Ability to work with any multi-vendor infrastructures.
  • Adaptation to the specific needs of the customer.
  • The acquisition of new knowledge and skills through the exchange of best practices.
  • 24-hour availability (24/7) of specialists with the necessary skills and competencies.
  • Provision of services in accordance with clear service level agreements.

Network operation

The main task of NOC is to ensure uninterrupted operation of data transmission networks, storage systems, computing resources, and customer services. Engineers of the center promptly take measures both on customer requests and on signals of faults received from automatic infrastructure monitoring tools.

General control over the network is carried out around the clock. The NOC analytical unit collects information about all incidents and how to resolve them. Experienced best practices are transformed into optimal algorithms for solving typical problems and recommendations for upgrading and optimizing infrastructures.

To achieve the highest efficiency, the NOC is divided into several groups – technical support service, the first line of support, the second line of support (Help Desk, First Level Operations, Second Level Operations), etc. Each group has specialized specialists of the required qualifications, activities and areas responsibility is clearly regulated.

Network and customer services

Currently, only a few of the operators build their strategies with the expectation of transferring outward maintenance procedures for maintaining their network and providing services to end users.


The operation service, which can be outsourced, includes reactive and proactive network maintenance, network and service issues, inventory management and repair, etc. In short, everything that is considered a daily routine takes a lot of time, but, nevertheless, is vital and necessary.

In the operation center, the following processes have been built and function, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of our customers’ networks:

  • Network management.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Configuration management.
  • Performance Management.
  • Security Management.
  • Manage OSS and toolkit.
  • Network support service

The center hosts a number of technical support functions that deal with more complex issues. These functions, as a rule, are not amenable to automation and are duplicated by us, an outsourcing company. Separating such functions into a separate unit can significantly improve the operator’s performance indicators (and, of course, reduce the cost of outsourcing services).

#2 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = Non-Objection Certificate

Non Objection Certificate, also known as as NOC, is a kind of legal certificate made by an agency, office, organization, institute or, in certain cases, a person. There is no objection to that covenants of the certificate. Certification is a requirement of most state departments, mostly from the -based Indian subcontinent.

The No Objection Certificate is an application that allows the employer to manage, prior to initiating the transfer process, the certificate that proves that his current ART has no objections to it. This certificate is mandatory.

How does the No Objection Certificate (NOC) work?

The employer who wishes to transfer, previously and as a mandatory step must request a Certificate of No Objection to his current ART. The service will validate that the employer has updated their contact information and complied with the minimum legal stay in their current ART.

Otherwise, the possibility of requesting the NOC will not be enabled. The service will allow the employer to select the ART that the NOC can use to process his transfer. You can choose one, several or all. Once an ART is selected, you can not delete it.

Can the ART reject the issuance of a NOC?

The ART can only reject the request for a No Objection Certificate in case the employer registers a debt. In the case of being rejected, the employer will receive communication in his electronic window.

Is it necessary for the employer to print the NOC to be able to transfer from the Insurer?

It is not necessary for the employer to print the NOC to process the transfer. Since the information regarding the existence and validity of said NOC is available in the databases. And may be used by those ART that the employer has previously authorized.

When is the NOC managed?

The NOC must be requested in case the employer wishes to transfer from the Insurer.

 Is the No Objection Certificate equivalent to a Free Debt?

The NOC is the certificate that certifies that your current ART has no objections to the transfer. This does not imply a free debt on the part of your ART.

#3 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = Nepal Oil Corporation

Nepal Oil Corporation Limited (NOC) is a state trading company in Kathmandu Nepal that imports, stores and distributes various petroleum products in the nation. It was established in 1970 by the Government of Nepal under the “Companies Act of 2021 (1964)”.

The Nepalese Government owns 99.46% of its quota and the rest is contributed by four other state companies: Rastriya Beema Sansthan, National Trading Ltd., Nepal Bank Ltd. and Rastriya Banijya Bank.

Initially, NOC’s commercial activities were initiated through the storage of two products on two drums, under the direction of the late Mr. Subarna Bikram Thapa appointed by the Government of Nepal. His persistent effort to develop NOC resulted in more than 30,000 kiloliters (KL) of petroleum product storage facilities in different development regions of Nepal.

Nepal, being one of the landlocked countries of South East Asia, has to rely on India for the supply and distribution of various petroleum products as the eastern, southern and western part of the country connects with India.

The prospect of crude oil exploration in Nepal has not yet been proven executable. So all domestic demand is satisfied by importation alone. Since the beginning of NOC’s commercial activities, the special and long-term supply contract has existed with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (COI), a leading national oil company in India, which has more than 55% of the market share.

NOC, based in Kathmandu, has expanded in recent years and now has seven provincial offices in each State of Nepal, three branches, two fuel tanks, one gasoline pump. And ten aviation fuel tanks, with storage capacity total existing 71,558 kiloliters (kL) and the employment of 872 permanent staff and another contract workforce.

The highest policy formulation and the body to control NOC is its board of directors. The board is represented by all bureaucrats, except one, as an expert, an expert is also appointed by the government of Nepal.

Currently, the CEO of NOC is the director who has overall responsibility for day-to-day operations, in addition to the member-secretary of the NOC Council. Basically, NOC’s operations are coordinated into two major categories of cum marketing engineering and finance management.

International oil pipeline

Projects are currently underway to build an international oil pipeline connecting Motihari in Bihar of India and Amlekhgunj Depot in Parsa district of Nepal. This will make transporting oil easier and safer and faster to all corners of Nepal. It is expected that the project will be completed in 2019.

#4 Full Form Of NOC

Full Form of NOC = North Orange County

The Orange County is a county of the State of California, in the United States. The capital is Santa Ana, while the most populous city is Anaheim (336.000 inhabitants). It was founded in 1752, is one of the 100 counties of the North American state of Carolina of the North. In the year 2000, it had a population of 118,227 inhabitants with a population density of 114 people per km². The county seat is Hillsborough.

According to the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of ​​1039  square kilometers (401.2  mi² ), of which 1036  square kilometers (400  mi² ) island and 3  square kilometers (1.2  mi² ) is water.

Adjacent counties

  • Northeast County Person
  • Durham County East
  • South Chatham County
  • Alamance County of West
  • Northwestern Caswell County

Notice of Commencement

Notification of the commencement of business activities is a way to notify one of the government bodies, one of the control tools that the state leads over the quality and safety of the business.

What is covered by the notification procedure?

Notification of the commencement of business activities is used when a commercial entity begins to engage in a business included on a special list. It may include:

  • household services (shoe repair, furniture repair, dry cleaning, etc.);
  • retail trade in goods, including trade in products, cosmetics, etc .;
  • custom transportation by road;
  • cargo transportation by specialized and non-specialized transport

Notification of the commencement of business activities should be sent to the destination after the registration has already taken place. And the entry has been made in the relevant register (the one who is not registered is not an entrepreneur, therefore is not obliged to notify anyone), but before Job.

Notification of the start of business activities should contain:

  • The name of the authority where it is served (in the header).
  • Indication of the applicant (full name or name).
  • An activity that starts.
  • Start date.

#5 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = Notice of Compliance

A Notice of Compliance is a certificate from the manufacturer or importer that a building is constructed in accordance with the construction standards of the Small Vessel Regulations .

The  Small  Vessel Regulations require that on all pleasure craft less than 24 meters (with a few exceptions) equipped with an engine, a notice of compliance be posted at a location where in sight from the bar.

A notice of compliance may take a variety of forms. Notices of conformity issued before May 2010 always measure approximately 8 to 10 cm in length and 5 to 6 cm in width. Notices of Compliance issued by the Canadian Coast Guard up to 2004 and now issued by Transport Canada may be in the form of a bonded label or a metal plate.

By law, the notice of compliance must be permanently affixed to the building in a conspicuous place from the control station. Therefore, if your building can be equipped with an engine, the notice should be easy to see.

Notices of compliance are issued by the manufacturer. There are three types of compliance notices:

  • notice for buildings up to 6 meters in length;
  • notice for pleasure craft over 6 meters;
  • notice for non-pleasure vessels of more than 6 meters.

It is prohibited to remove, modify or degrade any notice of compliance. The notice of compliance includes a certificate stating that the building conformed to the construction requirements on the date on which it was constructed or imported (whichever is later). The notice must also indicate the recommended safety limits for the building.

#6 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = National Occupational Code

When completing several immigration applications to Canada, it is necessary to declare the professional occupation of the applicant. This happens both in most applications for work permits and in applications for permanent residence under economic programs.

It is important that the information about your work is accurate and properly describing your professional profile could greatly speed up the processing times of your application.

To this end, the Government of Canada has a National Occupational Classification ( NOC ), which can be accessed virtually. There you will find a wide spectrum of occupations, from low skilled jobs to highly specialized tasks, all identified with a code of their own. The ideal thing for your application to be processed correctly is to complete it by indicating the NOC code that corresponds to your work.

Some occupations, such as architect or lawyer, are defined by their own name and therefore are easier to find. For these cases, the simplest thing is to write NOC and the name of your work in English in a search engine. Or use the section called Index of titles of the NOC.

Other professions can be more difficult to track since the NOC titles are only indicative and do not guarantee accuracy. However, there are several criteria to consider that can accelerate your search in these cases:

  • The most important thing is not the title of the work but the functions that correspond to that title. Although the titles of the works of the NOC can be orientation, they should not be conclusive.
  • The degree of responsibility that comes with your work. If your occupation is managerial, to speed up the search you can go to the list of managerial occupations of the NOC and limit yourself to the occupations that begin with 0. If you hold an executive position, directly consult the codes that begin with 00. It should be noted that they are considered high ranking those occupations that involve planning, directing or controlling the activities of a certain department.
  • A table called NOC Matrix is ​​also available, useful for determining the hierarchy of different positions.
  • The “Classified Elsewhere” section of the NOC is always useful to find alternative occupations that could encompass your work.
  • The industry to which your work belongs. For example, if you are involved in the field of medicine, look for the NOC codes that appear under the name “health occupations”.
  • Years of experience in the industry or in a similar position. It is not very common for an employer to give managerial work to a recent graduate. Therefore, even if your job has a title as “director”, it is important to determine if your position is truly classified as such based on its functions and not the title. It is very likely that an immigration officer has doubts about the correct classification of a job. If a recent graduate has declared a job that corresponds to a person with several years of experience.
  • Salary can also be a useful criterion. Although salaries abroad are generally lower than salaries in Canada. An immigration officer will doubt the legitimacy of a job if the salary is significantly different from what is expected for that position in that country.
  • In the case of applications for work permits in Canada, there are those that require that the foreign worker be paid the average salary of that occupation and those that do not demand it. It is possible to even in a request where the average salary is not required. That an official has doubts about the validity of the job offer if the salary is well below what would be expected for that position.
  • Finally, NEVER copy and paste the functions described in the NOC to a job confirmation letter or a job offer. This means that the document does not have legitimacy in the eyes of the immigration officer.

#7 Full Form of NOC

Full Form of NOC = National Olympic Committee

A National Olympic Committee ( NOC ) is the national headquarters of each country commissioned by the International Olympic Committee to promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their respective countries.

You can nominate cities from your respective areas as candidates for future Olympic Games. These committees also promote the development of athletes and prepare coaches and officials at a national level. It is a non – governmental institution, responsible for representing the sports movement in each country before the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ).

Governs participation sport national in official events such as the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, South American Games, and Asian Games independence of each region.


Modern Olympism was conceived by Pierre de Coubertin, on whose initiative met in June of 1894 the International Athletic Congress of Paris. The 23 June of 1894 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was established. In August of 1994, it was held in Paris the XII Olympic Congress, Centennial Olympic Congress, Congress of Unity.

From the legal point of view, the National Olympic Committees are institutions of a hybrid nature, in the sense that at one extreme they are ” national “. That is, they are inserted within the legislation of a specific country and in another dimension, they are ” Olympic”.

In other words, they have to observe the international regulations of the IOC, and their recognition and configuration, as legal entities, varies considerably from one country to another. In some cases, the Committee is recognized as an association by the executive branch (such is the case of Tunisia).

Or in other cases, the Committee is a symbiosis between the Committee itself and the Association of Federations on the basis of which it is recognized as a legal entity (case of Belgium.) In a third case, the National Committee is recognized by law (Greece, France, Iran, USA, and Spain).

They are entrusted with the duty of ensuring the development in their country of the Olympic Movement. And sport and are given the sole responsibility for the participation of national athletes in the Olympic Games.

As well as in the other sporting events sponsored by the Olympic Committee. They are exhorted to maintain their autonomy and independence in the face of pressures of all kinds. Whether political, religious or economic and determine the composition and nature of the voting members in the decisions.


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