Full Form of OTG – What Does OTG Stands For – Abbreviations – Acronyms

#1 Full Form of OTG

Full Form of OTG – One Touch Gold

The One Touch Gold is an expression usually given to the person who seems to be lucky in everything he does. The expression has originated from an ancient story of King Midas who when touched anything turned into gold. The story runs like the following:


A long time ago there was a king named Midas, who was known for his enormous wealth, the owner of a great palace and a great lover of everything related to the golden metal. The sovereign was a lonely man and his only family was the princess Zoe, his daughter.

Midas’s love for gold could be considered an addiction, every morning he went down to a basement where he rejoiced in all his fortune. He was very happy but he always ended up wanting more.

One day a guy named Silenius appeared in the king’s garden, a great friend of Dionysus, the god of celebration. Midas was very hospitable with the friendship of the deity and in gratitude, Dionisio decided to grant the monarch his greatest desire: to convert everything he touched into gold.

The morning after having asked for his wish, King Midas noticed that his dream was a reality, he had the touch of gold. During the tour of the monarch to the dining room was pure happiness, felt everything with great skill to transform it into the precious metal.

It seemed that nothing could put Midas in a bad mood until he sat at the table, from then on everything was penury. As much as he tried to taste bite he could not, any food was transformed into gold. Then the happiness that surrounded Midas turned into sadness, he was desolate.


But that was not the worst, the princess Zoe when noticing that her father was suffering decided give him a big hug. The king did not have time to react and turned his most precious treasure into a large golden statue.

The misfortune of Midas was so great that Dionysius decided to return with the monarch. When questioning him again about his greatest desire, the king did not even have to think about it. He preferred to have his daughter smiling again instead of all the gold in the world.

The god, noting that Midas had learned the lesson, gave him the solution to change his situation. The king had to submerge himself in a river to reverse his golden touch. When leaving the Midas River he noticed that everything had returned to normal, since he was a man away from the material world and lived surrounded by the nature and love of his daughter.

This way the expression is one touch gold has been originated to signify someone being extremely lucky or unlucky at the same time.

#2 Full Form of OTG

Full Form of OTG – Outside Temperature Gauge

Most modern vehicles are equipped with temperature indication gauges, either along with the dashboard panel or in a corner of the rearview mirror. These indicators show the outside temperature inside the car.

An ambient temperature sensor is equipped for the outside of the car and transmits the information to the display meter. Because traveling cars create cold wind effects, the sensor is calibrated and found in areas where there is little or no wind.

External temperature sensors are a prerequisite for proper engine operation and air conditioning.

As one of the main elements of an integrated car cooling system, an external temperature sensor is an indispensable equipment for most modern models. The data obtained by the sensor are used, in particular, by the air conditioning system, and can also be used by the fuel injection system as a correction indicator.

The temperature sensor for the car operates in combination with a resistor-semiconductor type air filter. That is, it reacts to temperature changes by a gradual transformation of the electrical resistance.

Then the control unit calculates the exact temperature readings and displays them on the dashboard in a format convenient for the driver. Proper accounting of the temperature “overboard” directly affects the maintenance of a comfortable microclimate of the cabin, the operation of the cooling system and the control of the fuel system, which creates the possibility of uninterrupted operation of the device and the need for its timely replacement.

Since the automotive temperature sensor is located in the inside of the front bumper, it can be subject to mechanical damage, sensor clogging, wire breakage, leading to inaccurate readings. But also short circuits of the conductor and internal short circuits of the device itself, leading to failure, are not excluded.

It is necessary to buy an external temperature sensor and replace it if control errors, lack of precision in air conditioning, increased fuel consumption, partial loss of power.

Or the failure of connecting units are observed, and an instrument failure on the instrument panel has been diagnosed. If your vehicle is not equipped with these devices, use an aftermarket temperature meter that you install for yourself.

  • Determine where the sensor will be installed for the temperature gauge on the outside of the car. The recommended areas are under the wheel wells, along the rain channels on the roof or on the sides, or simply inside a luggage rack.
  • Spray vinyl cleaner on the board where the display meter will be installed. Decide the location based on space and the ease of viewing the screen. Clean the area of ​​the board with a cloth to prepare it for the screen indicator. Mount the screen through kit mounting methods. Common methods are sticky adhesives on the base of the meter, velcro or screws.
  • Install the temperature sensor in the desired place outside the car. Most common methods for installation are to screw the base plate to the outside, the sticky base clips or adhesives.
  • Turn on the meter on the screen and follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the sensor to the screen. Adjust the meter to the desired setting, Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

#3 Full Form of OTG

Full Form of OTG – USB On The Go

USB On-The-Go also known by the acronym USB OTG or more commonly OTG is an extension of the USB 2.0 standard that allows USB devices to have greater flexibility in the management of interconnection.

It allows certain devices, for example, a digital audio player or mobile phone, to act as a host. So they can connect a USB memory, a mouse, a keyboard, a hard disk, a modem, etc.

The USB 3.1 specification together with the USB connector called ” Type C “, contemplates this functionality without the need for adapters or special connectors.


The USB standard (USB 1.1 / 2.0) uses a master/slave architecture: a USB hub acts as a master USB. While a USB device acts as a slave. Only USB hubs can manage configuration and data transfer during connection.

The USB-OTG standard changes this situation. Devices compatible with USB-OTG are able to open a session, control the connection and exchange the master/device functions. For this, the USB-OTG standard introduces two new protocols:

  • the SRP protocol ( Session Request Protocol: session request protocol) and
  • the HNP protocol ( Host Negotiation Protocol: host negotiation protocol).
  • USB OTG devices are compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0 and behave like a standard USB device when connected with traditional USB devices (not OTG).


OTG compatible peripherals have a mini-AB (or micro-AB) type connector, that is, capable of accepting an A (master) or B (slave) connector. In the case of an OTG-connection, a connection is made using a miniA – miniB (or micro – micro B) cable.

It is the position of the cable connector on the mini-AB / micro-AB socket at each end, which will allow defining which of the two OTG devices will be the host. Second, there may be a change of roles after a negotiation stage between the two OTG systems (HNP Protocol).

It is not necessary for both devices to be compatible with OTG to communicate with each other. It is sufficient that one of them is, therefore enjoying the ability to connect point to point. Then this unit would logically be the master element.


A wide field of applications is open because of the ability to send data without having to use a master USB controller (which until this standard, was typically a desktop computer ).

To list a few: a camera can send images directly to a printer, or access a hard drive, video cameras can connect to DVD recorders, tablets. And smartphones can use keyboards, USB memory and modems, and so on.

#4 Full Form of OTG

Full Form of OTG – Oven Toaster Grill

A modern oven is a collection of various options designed to perform specific tasks. Many potential buyers will certainly be interested in the grill mode in the oven. What is it – a necessity or a whim, what is it for, what is it, how to use it, is it important for cooking? Only knowing the answers to the above questions, you can buy high-quality multi-function kitchen appliance.

Fans of ruddy crusts will certainly appreciate the equipment equipped with a grill. Today, almost all models of modern ovens are equipped with such a thermal element – from large multifunctional devices to mini-appliances.

The grill is an additional heat element located in the upper part of the device. Its main task is to create high temperature, allowing to achieve crispy crust on products. It is important to note that the food prepared in this way remains tender and juicy. The grill can be gas, electric or infrared. The latter is most often found in electric ovens.

This device is used to prepare dishes of meat, fish, vegetables. Affirmatively answered the question of whether you need a grill in the oven, lovers of toast, hamburgers, hot sandwiches.

If you don’t have time to go out of town, a delicious fragrant kebab can be grilled at home without any problems. This mode can be both main and additional. In the second case, the practically finished dish is only slightly grilled at the end of cooking on the grill to get a golden crust.

Types of the grill on the basis of fuel usage:

  • gas;

The first option is found in ovens with a fairly modest set of functions – gas. Usually, in the lower part of the device, there is a hotplate for quick heating of the cabinet. The grill is used when frying food or browning a dish. This heating element is located at the top of the cabinet.

The problem of gas ovens – in the absence of air circulation. Previously, the solution to this issue was slightly open doors during cooking.

Many modern ovens are equipped with convection mode. Thanks to the built-in fan, the hot air inside the device moves as evenly as possible. Devices with this type of grill sometimes have an additional element – spit.

Although after using it, you will have to spend more effort cleaning the device, the dish will be prepared equally well from all sides. If there is no such device, the cooking food should be turned over regularly.

An electric oven grill can use two types of heaters: electric or infrared. In the first case, the role of the heating element is performed by an electric spiral, in the second – a halogen lamp. Both options work by connecting the device to the electrical network.

An electric grill is often equipped with a timer that automatically completes the cooking process. The grill, which uses heat from halogen lamps for work, heats and cools faster, therefore it is considered the safest and most economical.

An electric grill is very convenient to use. Thanks to the fan and convection function, the dishes are cooked quickly and evenly. Using the skewer in the presence of forced or wet convection is optional. There are no restrictions on the range of products used: any dishes that are cooked on a regular grill can also be cooked on the electric.

Types of grill according to the structure are:

  • usual in the form of a zigzag;
  • with two circuits;

The first option equally affects the whole grid. Products can be laid out over the entire area, without worrying that in any place they will not bake. Cooking is best done at the upper levels, setting the bottom of the pan to accumulate fat.

For stacking products, you can use not only traditional baking trays, but also pans, bakeware, and other dishes. The use of skewers – ideal for roasting chicken, large pieces of pork, veal. Products prepared in this way resemble food baked on coals.

The second is considered more economical, consists of a small and large contour located around the perimeter. Small outwardly resembles the usual zigzag ten, it is used to prepare a small amount of food, and both include if the dish occupies the entire lattice. The heating element is located on the top of the oven.

The peculiarity of a small grill is that when it is used, only the middle section of the entire heater is turned on. It is important to remember that he uses a lower temperature for cooking.

In addition, the products must be placed directly under the section, otherwise, they will not be fully prepared. This feature is ideal for cooking sausages, toasts, sandwiches, a small number of dishes or flat-shaped products. A small grill is an ideal solution for carrying out the final stage of roasting, that is, giving the dish a flavorful crisp crust.

Turbo grill involves the joint operation of the upper grill and the built-in fan. Such a function is present mainly in the electric oven. Even with a large and small grill, this function is very popular, as it allows you to cook large portions and fairly large products (piglet, large poultry meat, etc.).

The presence of a fan helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the pan. This mode differs from the previous two cooking temperatures. If small/large use 240, then the turbo grill – 170 degrees. An additional plus is the rejection of the spit because the heat in the cabinet spreads as evenly as possible. In addition, cooked food does not dry out at all.

Today, many consumers opt for an electric grill. Although the gas version is cheaper, the electric version implies a more precise temperature control. This moment is very important for modern hostesses. The first-class oven – the equipment is not cheap, the choice of which must be approached with all responsibility.

It is important even before going to the trading network to decide what food to cook, perhaps the appliance is needed only for heating ready meals, what set of useful options you want to have, whether the grill function in the oven is needed, and how much you are willing to pay for such equipment.

Fans of pampering their homemade delicacies are better to prefer multi-functional appliances, busy people are encouraged to choose ovens equipped with automatic programs.

#5 Full Form of OTG

Full Form of OTG – Online Transfer Guide

The purpose of this guidance guide is to provide basic knowledge and general understanding to advance the transfer of protected technologies through the legal instruments of industrial property. This process involves a negotiation that is expressed in a contract or agreement.

The OTG describes the most relevant stages of the negotiation process, which will allow Conecta users to understand in a simple way the way to develop a technology transfer negotiation.

The content of this guide should be treated in every instance as general information for technology transfer and in no case should replace the specialized legal advice.


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