What Is The Full Form Of PR? What does PR Stand For? Acronyms – Abbreviations

#1 Full Form of PR = Personal Relations(PR)

Full form of PR are given below. PR includes any kind of interest-based communication to. Public relations refers to the communication of organizations such as companies, authorities, political parties and non-profit organizations – for example via media or events. Together with the marketing, the PR belongs to the company communication.


What are public relations?

Public relations work is therefore about positively presenting an organization and its work to the public. In doing so, the public relations work assumes a pilot function in the management of different disciplines, from crisis communication to change communication. In summary, you manage the dialogues both inside and outside the company.

Negative PR

It is said that its origins go back to antiquity when tribal societies tried to promote respect for the chief’s authority. However, we can not ignore the existence of negative public relations.

As its own name indicates are those actions that are carried out in a completely contrary to what we have raised previously.In their case, the function they have is to discredit the opposite company, the direct rival.

To achieve this purpose, the negative public relations carry out what is the extension of not very positive rumors that suppose the discredit of their enemy.The use of real data that serve as a comparison with the own ones and that are in detriment of that or through lies.

Tasks of PR

Among the main tasks of public relations are as follows:


  • The management of internal communications (to know the human resources of the organization and that they understand the institutional policies).
  • The management of external communications (to make themselves known) appear.
  • The humanistic functions (tries to gain public confidence) and the analysis and understanding of public opinion (to then act on it).

Public relations work together with other disciplines and areas, such as psychology, sociology, and marketing.Such is the value that public relations currently have in our society and specifically in the business world that there is already the corresponding university degree on it.

#2 Full Form of PR = Press Release

A press release is a text made by the public relations department of public and private organizations that are aimed at journalists with the intention of being published in the media.

The final objective of a press release is not the journalist or the media, but the audience of the media. In order to achieve its publication, the press release must adapt to communicative structures and the professional routines of journalists, such as the criteria for newsworthiness.

A press release is the written, official and authorized form, which is given to journalists as a summary of what was discussed at a press conference, or of a certain meeting or event of connotation and public interest. They are also used as a promotional method for the launching of new products or services by companies and other organizations.

It is the basic tool of public relations work. It consists of a document that gathers the fundamental information about a specific topic. It is distributed among journalists so that they can be disseminated through the media if they consider it to be publishable and relevant.

The publication of a press release can be very beneficial for your business because it is highly effective and free advertising. The press release is the basic tool of public relations work in its link with the media from the press office.

It is a document that gathers the fundamental information about a subject, person and/or product, which is sent to the media. So that they are responsible for disseminating it among the population.

#3 Full Form of PR = Purchase Request

A purchase request( PR) is a written request issued internally to a purchasing department to request parts or services. The creation of a purchase request triggers a chain reaction of activities outlined in the purchase process.The following types of purchase requests can be created:

  • Internal purchase requests: to request the transfer of materials from another company warehouse.
  • External purchase requests: to request an external distributor to purchase materials that are needed. You can specify the distributor.

Thanks to the implementation of a system based on the purchase request.The person in charge of contacting the exterior for the acquisition of said goods can maintain order and avoid mistakes such as buying more or less.

In addition, if you have a way to rank orders according to your urgency, you can make sure that no one spends a lot of time without the items you have requested.

The purchase request within the scope of a company allows grouping several similar orders to save time and money.It is known that many distributors offer discounts for large volumes, so it is always convenient to make the least amount of orders per month with the largest possible number of units.

With respect to time, if several employees ask for the same type of item and the manager buys each one of them separately. It is likely that it takes a lot longer to complete his work than if he converts them into a single order.

#4 Full Form of PR = Paris

Paris is the world’s most popular destination for city breaks with 36 million visitors annually (and growing)! The French capital, with 2.2 million inhabitants (12 million with the suburbs in the hinterland of the Ile de France) is the largest city in France, the seat of government and the economic center of the country.

Paris offers an incredible number of attractions, museums, theaters, cultural events. As a tourist, you are spoiled for choice. Often the few holiday days are not enough to see even a fraction of the metropolis, to enjoy the gastronomy, to buy souvenirs.It is for many the most romantic and popular tourist destination on the planet.

Located in the northern center of France, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, besides being the cradle of some avant-garde movements. Its long history and rich cultural, gastronomic and social heritage make it the preferred destination for thousands of tourists.

Attracted by fantastic monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower, among others, as well as by the works of art owned by the Louvre Museum.

Paris is also known by all as the City of Light since the French capital was the first to provide its streets with electric light. On the other hand, it is often called the City of Love, due to the charm and romanticism that comes from walking through its streets.

#5 Full Form of PR = Pastor

The pastor is the person who guards cattle outdoors. The term is often used to name who is dedicated to the breeding and care especially of sheep. But also of cattle and goats, in the case of extensive livestock.

The work of the shepherd is known as grazing, precisely because he must remain watching the animals while they graze. It is very common for these workers to take trained dogs with them to obey their orders and properly drive the cattle. These dogs are known as shepherd dogs.

In the field of religion, the pastor is a minister who has a congregation of the faithful in his charge. The concept is used in Protestantism and Evangelical Christianity.

The pastor, in this sense, is the leader of the faithful and the one who directs the cult. Just as pastoralists are dedicated to guiding the sheep, religious pastors must lead believers on the right path. The religious pastor, therefore, cares for and nourishes the spirit of men.

#6 Full Form of PR = Professor

Professor is the one who is professionally or occupationally engaged in teaching, either with a general or specialized in a particular area of ​​knowledge, subject, academic discipline, science or art. In addition to the transmission of values, techniques and knowledge general or specific to the subject they teach.

The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning for the student or learner reach it in the best possible way. The professor is usually the official and professional title or the academic title of the holder of a professorship. Unlike the doctoral degree, it is not an academic degree.

The main task of professors at universities is ideally the self-responsible implementation of scientific research and teaching.

#7 Full Form of PR = Province

The province is a notion whose etymology refers us to a term of the Latin language with the same spelling. A province is an administrative division of certain States, which is part of the organizational structure of the territory. In a State, there are different entities that have greater or less autonomy with respect to the central government.

Multiple towns and cities can make a municipality that, in turn, joins others to form a province. A grouping of provinces, on the other hand, can give rise to a region. The whole of the regions forms the country, governed by a State. This means that the towns, cities, provinces, and regions are inside of a certain country.

#8 Full Form of PR = Printer

A printer is an auxiliary object, which is connected to a central processing unit of a computer. Its function is to make a copy of those documents that have been stored in an electronic format. These documents can be texts or images that are printed on a sheet or transparency using ink cartridges or laser technology.

Most printers are linked to a computer by means of a cable, although there are also network printers, which have an internal network interface. It allows any user of the network to print documents.

Some of the characteristics that we have of the printers are the printing speed which is determined in pages per minute (ppm) or in characters per second (cps).

The resolution that refers to the quality of the printing and is expressed by the number of points (pixels) that the printer can create on paper. The memory buffer (Temporary data storage area in the printer),a connection interface, cartridges, integrated memory and finally we have the paper.

Each printer has specific printing methods, because there are different technologies, in terms of image quality, printing speed, cost, noise, internal and external design.This makes each printer different, among the types of printers we have the toner, inkjet, solid ink, impact, dot matrix, sublimation ink.

#9 Full Form of PR = Progress Report

A progress report is exactly what it looks like: a document that explains in detail what you have done since the last time you informed your boss or your superior. It includes different things according to the area and the type of project we are talking about.

It will not be the same if you are in a marketing project, in the implementation of software or in a space engineering project.The normal thing is that you write it for your supervisor or boss, but it also serves to inform your collaborators or to present it to a client.

Depending on the project and the sector in which you are, the frequency of the report will be variable. If it is for a client, it is normal that it is every month or every time one of the milestones of the project is met.If it is for your boss or for your collaborators, the normal thing is that you present it every time a quarter of the project is completed.

#10 Full Form of PR = Permanent Residence/Resident

The permanent residence refers to the condition of a person resident in a country that is not a citizen. This is generally for an indefinite period.A person with this type of status is known as a permanent resident.

Permanent residence in itself is distinct from the right of residence, which exempts immigration control for those persons. People with permanent residence still require immigration control if they do not have the right of residence. However, the right of residence automatically grants people permanent residency. This status also gives them the permission to work or have jobs in most cases.


According to the country, permanent residents generally have the same rights as citizens, except for the following:

  • They can not vote (although in some cases, such as citizens of the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Belgium, voting is allowed)
  • They can not stand as candidates for public office (except EU citizens permanently residing in the other EU Member States who can stand for local and European elections).
  • In most cases, they can not occupy a job in the public sector. Canada and New Zealand allow it; some countries, such as Brazil and Portugal, only allow it for permanent residents who hold the citizenship of another shared heritage country).
  • In general, they can not apply for a job that implies national security. In Singapore, male PRs who have been granted public relations before 18 years of age have to serve in the national service. Most first-generation males are exempt.
  • They may not own certain kinds of real estate.
  • Do not be issued the passport of that country (unless, otherwise, they are stateless or can not obtain a passport from their country of nationality, in which case they may be entitled to a certificate of identity).
  • They do not have access to the consular protection of the country (some countries like Australia allow it).
  • They may qualify to apply for citizenship after completing a specific period of residence.

#11 Full Form of PR = Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator or pressure reducing valve is a device that reduces the pressure of a fluid in a network. The simplest is throttling in the duct that produces a loss of pressure (eg half-closed valve) to reduce the pressure.

But the final pressure will vary greatly depending on the inlet pressure and flow rate. If the flow increases, the pressure will drop and if the pressure is stopped it will be equalized with the high pressure.

The most correct are those that achieve a fixed or selected constant pressure at the output.

It should be noted that these valves are only able to reduce the pressure, so that if the inlet pressure is lower than the valve setpoint. The outlet pressure will be equal to the inlet pressure, that is, in most the cases, insufficient.

In the case of combustible gases, the flames would be of lower power. In the case of irrigation, the irrigators would not have the required range. In the case of water for domestic supply, it would not reach the highest faucets. In these last two cases, to increase the pressure on the network, it would be necessary to use a pressure group.

#12 Full Form of PR = Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a city located in Cook County in the US state of Illinois. Park Ridge is located at coordinates 42 ° 0’42 “N 87 ° 50’36” O / 42.01167, -87.84333.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Park Ridge has a total area of ​​18.48 km², of which 18.36 km² corresponds to the mainland and (0.62%) 0.11 km² is water.

#13 PR Full Form = Performance Review

The review process performance or evaluation of performance is a useful tool to motivate people and to improve tool performance today. The objective is to evaluate the performance of a specific period of time, identifying the strengths and points to improve to define a professional development plan.

This development plan will be part of the objectives of the next period of time that, again, will be reviewed in the next session. The process of review and assessment of performance should be performed with appropriate frequency.

In the case of new incorporations, it is advisable to review their performance 3-6 months after entering the organization. For the rest of the employees, it is sufficient to maintain an annual performance reviewsession.

Performance reviews are an excellent tool that human resources departments can use to align the objectives of the collaborators with those of the company.  However, it happens that in many companies not enough attention is paid to this type of process. And therefore, mistakes are made to be seen as a waste of time.

#14 PR Full Form = Punk Rock

he punk is a musical and cultural movement that emerged in England at the end of the decade of 1970. It is characterized, at a musical level, by simple melodies, fast beats, and protestslyrics. The punks, as the followers of this movement, are known, often dress in an unconventional manner and use a crest as a hairstyle. Anarchism, self-management, independence, atheism, and nihilism are some of the philosophies on which punk thinking is based.

Regarding the name of the genre, it is worth mentioning that it is a term of English origin that is used as a synonym for garbage or dross. Among other meanings that, if applied to people, are equally derogatory.

The adoption of this word as a label of this musical movement automatically frees its followers from social impositions. It should be mentioned that this adjective is also used as an insult, regardless of musical tastes. And refers to uncommitted lifestyles and lack of personal hygiene, among other issues.

The Sex Pistols (in England ) and The Ramones (in the United States ) are considered as the first punk bands. Over time, the genre was acquiring influences from other rhythms and styles, which can be seen in groups like The Clash (which mixed punk with reggae, dub, and others).

#15 PR Full Form = Payroll

A payroll is a financial record that a company makes about the salaries of its employees, bonuses, and deductions. In accounting, the term payroll indicates the amount paid to employees for the work they have done in the company during a specific period of time, usually monthly or quarterly.

Payroll is very important in the financial accounting of a company for several reasons. In the first place, the importance of the payroll is vital in a company given that the former and the taxes derived from it significantly affect the net income of the company.

It is also often the subject of numerous laws and regulations. Payroll is also, of course, very important for its recipients: employees. For a worker, the perception of their payroll is essential for their well-being.

#16 PR Full Form = Peer Review

Peer review is one of the valuable standards of science. It is a process where scientists (“peers”) evaluate the quality of the work of other scientists. By doing this, they aim to ensure that the work is rigorous, consistent, use past research and increase what we already knew.

Most scientific journals, conferences, and scholarship applications have some type of peer review system. In most cases, it is a double-blind peer review. This means that the evaluators do not know the authors, and the authors do not know the identity of the evaluators. The intention behind this system is to ensure that the evaluation is not biased.

The more prestigious the journal, the conference or the grant, the more demanding the review process will be and the more likely it is to be rejected. This prestige is the reason why these documents tend to be more widely read and cited.

#17 PR Stands For = Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a series of American television of the sort Tokusatsu,the remake of Super Sentai Series, a series of Japanese television of the same sort. It is issued since 1993. From 2002 to 2009, the franchise was owned by The Walt Disney Company but was repurchased in 2010 by Haim Saban.

Its original creator and promoter between Mighty Morphin and Wild Force.(The latter created at the beginning of production before the sale of Saban to Disney ). On May 1, 2018, it was confirmed that the franchise was purchased by Hasbro.

In the United States, the series was aired on Fox Kids from its beginning in August 1993 to September 2002, in the original Saban period. Then, from September 2002 to 2009 and during the Disney period, they were broadcasted on ABC, ABC Kids, and Disney XD, among others. Since his return to Saban in 2011, the series is broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States and in Latin America on Cartoon Network.

#18 Full Form of PR = Packet Radio

Packet radio is a digital communication system for formic communications that employs a system based on amateur radio stations. It consists of the sending, through the radio, of digital signals through small packages that are then reassembled in a complete message at the final destination.

Packet radio exists since the mid-60s. In 1970, the University of Hawaii built the ALOHA network. Based on packet radio, its importance was based on the use of a shared medium for transmission, which aroused much interest. Its main objective was to facilitate communications between the central computer and the computers of the university scattered throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

After this, radio packet as such was first seen in 1978 at the Montreal Amateur Radio Club meeting, where for the first time they transmitted and received error-free packages.

#19 PR Full Form = Planning and Responsibility

Planning is the action of drawing up a plan. Planning means establishing the fundamental lines of a project, which is one of the most important stages of the construction process, whatever the activity in question. Planning involves designing and determining the bases of a plan in order to achieve a proposed goal.

Planning is to plan, devise or outline a plan, defining the organizational lines and strategy of a project. But the verb to plan also has other meanings:

  • For aeronautics, planning is what makes a plane downhill without the action of its engine, under normal conditions.
  • For zoology, the word refers to the flight of birds when they are carried away by the current of air, spreading the wings and leaving them immobile.
  • For business administration, planning refers to the planning or preparation of a project or plan of action.
  • In a figurative or connotative sense, the term planar is also used in relation to the conspiracy of a plan against or to harm someone. Or to refer to the development of an itinerary or route of passage as occurs in the case of a trip (where you talk about planning the holidays ) or a set of activities, for example, planning a party or celebration

Responsibility is the fulfillment of obligations, or care when making decisions or doing something. The responsibility is also the fact of being responsible for someone or something. Responsibility is also used to refer to the obligation to respond to an event.

The responsibility is considered a quality and value of the human being. It is a positive characteristic of people who are capable of committing and acting correctly. In many cases, responsibility is given by a position, a role or a circumstance, such as a job or paternity. In a society, people are expected to act responsibly, exercising their rights and fulfilling their obligations as citizens. In many cases, responsibility obeys ethical and moral issues.

#20 PR Full Form = Pakistan Railways

Rail transportation in the country is carried out by one state transport company, Pakistan Railways, whose activities are under the authority of the Minister of Railways of Pakistan. Pakistan Railways ensures the operation of the country’s most important mode of transport, through which large-scale transportation of a large number of passengers.

And large-tonnage cargoes over short and long distances throughout the country and beyond is carried out. The total length of railway tracks is 7789 kilometers (2014), of which 7477 kilometers are laid by a wide track (167.6 centimeters) and 293 kilometers are electrified tracks.

#21 PR Full Form = Priority

From the Latin prior ( “previous” ), the priority refers to the precedence of something with respect to something else, whether it is in time or in order. That which has priority is found first in comparison with other people or things. A priority is something important compared to other things and, in this way, you will receive more resources or you will be treated more quickly.

The time and money are the two most common factors leading to establish priorities. If a person has many pending tasks, it is common to establish a list of priorities to attend first what can not wait. As for money, given that it is usually a scarce resource, the list of priorities allows first to satisfy the most urgent or basic needs.


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